About Us

Founded and run by Kathleen Croddick Molyneaux, SUITE-k has grown from a small beauty products line to full manufacturing and distribution capabilities, under the watchful eye of a beauty professional.  We know your business, we know you need full research and development, innovative product formulations, quick turn around, quality contract cosmetics manufacturing and filling, and speed to market with dependable warehousing and distribution services.

At SUITE-k we are you.  We are continuously searching for new and challenging products – that allow us to enhance our ability to customize our services to our clients.  By providing cosmetics, personal care and fragrance contract manufacturing and filling services, we can take your new product from formulation to distribution.

Our experience staff of researchers, chemists, marketing executives, and manufacturing specialists provide quality products and responsiveness in our cosmetics manufacturing services.  Diversified manufacturing capabilities and on-site machinists allow us to work with a wide range of products and packaging.

At SUITE-k our services are customized for your product from procurement of raw materials to distribution (direct and EDI capable).

This is a small sampling of some of the personal products we produce:
Antibacterial gel
Sun Screen
Body mists
Body Wash
Hair Care products:
__ Shampoo
__ Hair Spray
__ Detangle

This is a small sampling of some of the cosmetics, skincare and spa products we produce:
Anti Aging Products
Botanical Products
Color Cosmetics
Cream Makeup
Lip Sticks
Lip Gloss
Liquid Makeup
Nail Polish Remover
Natural Cosmetics
Mineral Cosmetics
Spa Products

SUITE-k.com is a proud member of:
CEW (Cosmetic Executive Women – www.cew.org)
ICMAD – Independent Cosmetic Manufacturing and Distributors, Inc. –  www.icmad.org
Member of the Northern Monmouth Chamber of Commerce – www.northernmonmouthchamber.com
Member of the Greater Chamber of Commerce of Philadephia – www.greaterphilachamber.com

SUITE-k.com is a proud supporter of these charities:
Women’s Council for the Leon Hess Cancer Center at Monmouth Medical Center
American Cancer Society
Cancer and Careers www.cancerandcareers.org