Irving Rice Mirrors®

Established in 1903, Irving W. Rice® has been the leader in the development of premium quality mirrors.  Manufactured in Germany by the most premier glass-makers, the lenses are optically correct and distortion free.  The glass used in Irving Rice® mirrors is the same glass used by luxury automobile manufacturers for their rear/side view mirrors.  Irving Rice® mirrors are solid brass and finished either in a polished brass, polished chrome, brushed brass, brushed nickel or stainless steel.  The majority of our mirrors reverse from a regular magnification to a 3x, 5x or 7x magnification strength.  When mentioning quality, mention Irving Rice Mirrors.

The collection of Irving Rice® Mirrors available includes:
Beauty Mirrors
Cosmetics mirrors
Compact Mirrors
Beauty Accessory Mirrors
Premium quality cosmetic mirrors
Magnification mirrors
Halogen lit mirrors
Travel size mirrors
Wall mount mirrors
Compact purse mirrors
Swarovski crystals Mirrors is the exclusive distributor of Irving Rice® Mirrors.