Tussy® Antiperspirant & Deodorant

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Tussy® brand deodorant and deodorant/antiperspirant products were introduced in 1925. The product began as a cream deodorant and is still available in this form.  Today the deodorant/antiperspirant is also available in the popular roll on and stick form.  Tussy® has remained popular through the years because of the gentle, effective and long lasting protection it provides. These products are available in two great scents – Original Spice and Powderfresh.

This brand meets a consumer need for an open-price point offering, available in food, drug, mass and dollar outlets.  This brand is manufactured and distributed exclusively by Suite-k.com the premier contract manufacturer and product development company for personal care products.

Please see your local merchants to purchase these products, or you can find them online at: www.nationwidecampus.com/products.asp?search=tussy