Research & Development

At, our team of chemists is constantly searching out new market trends and technologies.  Our extensive research will give your product the competitive edge it needs to succeed in the market place. With 2 Head Chemists, 2 Associate Chemists and a Stability Chemist – the R&D (Research and Development) team can develop your newest idea or breathe life back in to an old one.

If you are seeking a new product formulation, re-engineering an existing product line to new specifications – our team of professional quality control, chemists, and engineers are the perfect team for your beauty, cosmetic and personal care product line.  Our dedicated staff of fillers, packagers and our warehouse and distribution center takes your product from concept – to market with speed, accuracy and profitability.

Our goal is to be your resource for new ideas, new formulations and new product development every day.  We work closed and individually with each and every one of our clients to ensure your product is what you want it to be.