Service from start to finish


At Suite-K we take your product from concept to market with speed, accuracy and profitability. The customer services of our dedicated staff across all lines of business is only surpassed by the quality and capability of our manufacturing, with the technology to create a wide range of products including but not limited to:

  • Analgesics

  • Anti Aging Products

  • Antiperspirant and Deodorant

  • Antibacterial Gel, Hand Sanitizers

  • Body Spray

  • Body Mist

  • Bath Gel and Lotion

  • Conditioner

  • Creams & Lotions

  • Ethnic Hair Care Products

  • Face & Body Wash

  • Hair Care

  • Hair Gel

  • Hair Spray & Detangler

  • Lip Gloss & Lipstick

  • OTC Products

  • Nail Polish Remover

  • Skin Care

  • Shampoo

  • Spa products

  • Sun Screen & SPF products



Our staff is here to service all your custom packaging needs, including trial & travel size assembly projects.  We can assemble flexible pouches, tubes, jars, bottles, gifts, cartons, by hand or through automation depending on the need. We work together with your design team to help source and procure all the specialty packaging materials for your custom project. Suite-K can also provide assistance in Gift Set design, along with the assembly and wrapping needed for these specialty sets.

Assemble Services include:

  • Bar Coding

  • Bags / Boxes / Blisters / Clamshells

  • Gift Sets

  • Kitting

  • Labeling

  • Laser Coding

  • Trial & Travel Size

  • Ticketing

  • Shrink Wrapping


From 10 ml to 1 gallon capacity – Suite-K's contract filling is completed by our ever growing arsenal of moderate to high speed custom filling and packaging equipment.  Our in-house machinists can manage technically advanced filling in multiple structures and presentation design formats and our quality control associates sample and evaluate all products to ensure quality.

With the capability for Full, Travel, and Trial size products- our filling services include:

  • Creams and Lotions Blending & Filling

  • Hair Care Blending & Filling

  • Automated Petrolatum Filling up to 7 ounces

  • Hot Pours

  • Short Run Filling

    • 500-5000 Piece Runs

  • Tube Filling

    • Design Seal

    • Hot Air Capabilities up to 54 Pieces per Minute



The presentation of your product is just as important as the ingredients that go into it.  At Suite-K we can manage all your wrapping needs for your beauty or personal care items. We provide a number of automated and hand-wrapping Cello and Shrink Wrap services to ensure your product is presented the way you want it. 

Suite-K's wrapping services include:

  • Cello Wrapping

    • 4 Sollas Cello Wrap machines including a 1H machine for large size boxes

  • Hand Cello Wrapping

  • Shrink Wrapping


Suite-K understands the importance of a properly attached and aesthetically appealing label. Labels not only serve an informational purpose (conveying important information about the product), they are also an eye-catching element that helps attract customers. We can produce various size labels to meet your specifications for both the design and the application.

Our labeling Equipment is all fully automated and is capable of but not limited to:

  • Front Labels

  • Back Labels

  • Full Wrap Labels

  • Wrap Labels

  • Private Labeling

  • Verification of Lot Codes

  • Special Labeling and SKU Labeling Applications

  • UPC Label Printing and Application


Multiple Production Lines

Speed and flexibility is what Suite-K brings to our clients who need multiple production lines to manage their entire product line effectively. With multiple production lines we can turn your single product idea into a line of complimentary products.  

These multiple lines allow us to fill a wide variety of products including simultaneously- increasing our customers speed to market. 


Suite-K is always looking to develop new projects and test our limits.

Innovation sets us apart


At SUITE-K we proudly offer new product development for the beauty, personal care and hair care industry. Our team of chemists is constantly searching out new market trends and technologies. The extensive research we conduct will help give your product the competitive edge it needs to succeed in the market place. Whether you are seeking to create a new product formulation or to re-engineer an existing line- our R&D (Research & Development) team of professional quality control, chemists, and engineers at Suite-K are the ideal partners for your beauty, cosmetic and personal care product line. 

Our in-house team works closely with R&D experts at independent labs to incorporate the best botanicals and newest ingredients into your formulation. Through Suite-K's network of suppliers, we can coordinate the raw materials and fragrance development to create your perfect product. For new product formulations, our team also provides stability testing and engineering development.

Suite-K's goal is to be your resource for new ideas, new formulations and new product development every day.  We work closely and individually with each of our clients to ensure your product is what you want it to be.



Assurance, Control, and Regulatory Standards


Suite-K has developed operational controls to ensure that the actual results match the product specifications. Included in this process is the product safety and claims testing, confirming the product complies with all local and national regulations. Product performance and presentation are reviewed and tested until it's just right, while remaining within the needed cost of goods. All Suite-K suppliers are audited to validate that they meet requirements for industry standards. 

Our facilities contain over 222,000 square feet of complete full service FDA registered Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) contract manufacturing resources and warehousing for anti-aging skin care, hair care, OTC products and medical device. 


By our strict adherence to the GMP standards, we only work with the best domestic and international suppliers for cosmetic ingredients and packaging components – sourcing raw materials of the highest quality but for the most cost-effective solution.


Modified Turnkey Solutions


Because of our experienced staff and their industry experience, Suite-K is positioned to provide our clients with a modified turnkey solution to your business needs.

Modified turnkey solutions offer benefits such as lower costs, flexible lean manufacturing and vendor managed inventory. These benefits are available to customers who qualify and help brands bring their products to market faster.

If you have a project in mind – Let Us know. 

We look forward to hearing your ideas and bringing them to market.