At Suite-K we apply our passion for innovation and industry expertise to provide the highest quality contract manufacturing experience.

Specializing in product research and development, we offer both comprehensive and customizable services for creating a wide array of beauty and personal care items. Our state-of-the-art facilities here at Suite-K are certified across numerous regulatory standards to ensure the quality and safety of the products we produce, with capabilities including the filling and manufacturing of fragrances, creams, lotions, hair care, and personal care cosmetics. We are dedicated to assisting brands in bringing their health and beauty products to market, making Suite-K the premiere destination for your next industry endeavor.


Founded in 2008 by beauty industry professional Kathleen Croddick, Suite-K has grown from a small cosmetics factory into an elite beauty and personal care manufacturing firm.


The beauty industry is rapidly evolving, and we understand what that means for our clients. At Suite-K we provide full research and development, innovative product formulations, quick turn around, and quality contract manufacturing and filling, to assist brands in bringing their products to market quickly.

Our experienced staff of researchers, chemists, marketing executives, and manufacturing specialists provide exceptional customer service and our diversified manufacturing capabilities and on-site machinists allow us to work with a wide range of products and packaging.



Suite-K is conveniently located in NYC Metro Area


Edison, New Jersey


Creams & Lotions Factory
South Brunswick, New Jersey


Fragrance Factory
South Brunswick, New Jersey


  • IKA Homogenizer
  • Inline homogenizer / side sweep
  • 1000 gallon stainless steel multi-zoned
  • 250 gallon / 500 gallon / 1000 gallon/ 1500 gallon/ 2000 gallon/ 2500 gallon
  • Contract filling from 10 ml to 1 gallon Fine fragrance blending & filling Emulsions
  • TGM Tube Filling Machine, Model b-620, Hot Air
  • Kalix Tube Filling Machine, Model KX-601, Hot Air
  • Kalix Tube Filling Machine, Model KX-80, Hot Jaw
  • 2 Norden Tube Filling Machine, Model KM-700-HA Hot Air
  • 1 Norden Tube Filling Machine, Model 400


  • RM Elgin 8 Head Rotary Piston Filler
  • Mactec 6 Head Inline Fully Automated Filling Machine
  • Aesus 8 Head Gear Pump Filler
  • Induction Sealer
  • Lantech Shrink-Wrao machine
  • Sollas Packaging Cello-wrap Machine 

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